Not for retail sales. This is a fragrance pack only.

Unsure of which scent to pick for your shop? These individual sample tealights are the perfect way to get to know our range of scents.

For a pronounced scent in a room, we would advise burning multiple tealights of the same scent so these are really just to get you acquainted with the scent.


This Fragrance Sample Pack includes all our 16 RC Scents:

Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Adele Lavender, Zesty Lime & Coconut, Woodsmoke & Fire, Sandalwood & Cedar, Sweet Lime & Mandarin, Coconut & Sugar Cane, Ripe Raspberry & Vanilla, Strawberry & Champagne, French Pear, Passionfruit, Manu Bay Surf Vibes, Sunset at the Wharf, Te Toto Gorge Views, Endless Bridal Veils Falls & Road Trip to Raglan.

Burn Time: 4-5 hours per tealight.

Stay cooler and safe to touch.

48.00 NZD